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Art Submission Rules

Joining the group is automatic! So no need to leave a comment because we might not even get to read it!

Main Rules:
---You must be a member of the group to be able to submit artwork.
---Submit to the correct folder.
---Make sure you read the additional rules within the folders themselves!
---If your artwork is for an External Contest, Monthly Event, or Featured Event, it goes to that respective folder BEFORE any other folder.

---NO WIPs allowed.
---Anything you submit must be your original work.
---Traced artwork from work that is not official Riot artwork will not be accepted!
---Work must be LoL related. This group focuses mainly on the champions.
---If there's something mature in your work, PLEASE have the mature filter on. If it's not on then your work will be declined.
---Artwork that explicitly depicts/implies sexual acts will not be accepted.
---Please remove old drawings, that have been worked on from the group. Example: Line Art that you submitted before, but now have another drawing where it's colored in and finished.
---All work (except for Original Champions) MUST contain an existing (announced) LoL champion. LoL related items are also acceptable, such as but not limited to, Poros, shop items, Urf, etc.
---No screenshots will be accepted.
---LoL champs/items must be a big part in your submission, if they are barely visible or small, your work will be declined.

Please be patient with submissions, there may be a waiting period depending on when my contributors or I get on.
Hi all, :iconblizzmaster: here with a question/survey for the group.

Recently, the contributors and I have been discussing our Skin Ideas folder, and the types of submissions we are getting for it. There's no denying that creating your own skin for your favourite champion is a very fun thing to do, but we are also concerned that submissions to the folder aren't quite what we'd like them to be. We are also having a difficult time agreeing on what is and is not acceptable to submit to the folder, as we receive a large volume of submissions to the folder.

I feel like any decision to change what we accept to the Skin Ideas folder would have a large impact on everyone in the group, so I want to ask for your personal ideas about the folder. If you'd like to help out and voice your opinion, please leave a comment below. Below are some talking points for your feedback if you need help on what to talk about, but feel free to voice your ideas about any aspect of the Skin Ideas folder you wish.

1. How do you feel about the "Skin Ideas" folder and its rules? Are they too restrictive? Or too relaxed?

2. When you go to the Skin Ideas folder to browse, what exactly are you looking for in the artwork there? Do you want to see skins that simply change the costume of a champion? Or do you want to see skins that go beyond simply altering attire, and change weapons, abilities and more?

3. Do you think that dressing a champion up in simple, thematic attire (such as a Santa Suit for Christmas, or simply beachwear for "Pool Party" type skins) is enough to consider the artwork a skin idea? Or should the folder contain more ideas that are unique and require more effort to create?

A big thank you to anyone who provides feedback, it's much appreciated.
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Welcome to the League Of Legends group! Here our common interest is of course the game League of Legends. But we take it a bit further by making artwork for/of the game! So join in on the fun!

If you don't read the submissions rules, you may have some work that will be declined. Please read the rules before submitting. If you have any questions after going through the rules, or if your work has been declined and you want to know why, feel free to ask.
:iconpaashthesneasel::iconsaysplz:Drop by the LoL chatroom here on DA!…
:iconchibiolaf01:All members LoL information can be found here:…
:iconmalzahar02:Link to the LoL website:

**************************Community Spotlight*************************
:iconblizzmaster::iconsaysplz:The Summoner Showcase might be on hiatus, but there's still tons of great community work out there! :iconalelamon: runs a deviantArt group that focuses on League of Legends cosplay. They run regular contests with good prize pools, so if you're a cosplayer and want a shot at some prizes, go have a look over here, or check out their Facebook page here for more details and to join up.

Have a League of Legends Youtube channel, fansite, etc. you'd like people to see? Send us a note and next month we might feature it here!
RIOT staff on DA:

Thank you :icontekkanomaki-chan: for your kick-ass LoL icons!









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Day 3, still waiting for my art to be accepted :|
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Apologies, we are very slow.
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i see ^^
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ultimaxsauron Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
is there a champion builder or a character sheet?
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No, not really... sorry. ;X
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Oh Ok.
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Why does 3D art have to share folder with pixel art? They're so different categories :/
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