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Art Submission Rules

Joining the group is automatic! So no need to leave a comment because we might not even get to read it!

If you are wondering about folder rules, or which folder is the best fit for your artwork, READ UP ON OUR FOLDER RULES AND SUMMARY HERE.

Main Rules:

:bulletred: You must be a member of the group to be able to submit artwork.
:bulletred: Submit to the correct folder.
:bulletred: If your artwork is for an External Contest, Monthly Event, or Featured Event, it goes to that respective folder BEFORE any other folder.

:bulletred: NO WIPs allowed.
:bulletred: Anything you submit must be your original work.
:bulletred: Traced artwork from work that is not official Riot artwork will not be accepted!
:bulletred: Work must be LoL related. This group focuses mainly on the champions.
:bulletred: If there's something mature in your work, or your work links to mature content or is a preview of it, PLEASE have the mature filter on. If it's not on then your work will be declined.
:bulletred: Artwork that explicitly depicts/implies sexual acts will not be accepted.

:bulletred: Please remove old drawings, that have been worked on from the group. Example: Line Art that you submitted before, but now have another drawing where it's colored in and finished.
:bulletred: All work (except for Original Champions) MUST contain or clearly represent an existing (announced) LoL champion. LoL related items are also acceptable, such as but not limited to, Poros, shop items, Urf, etc.
:bulletred: No screenshots will be accepted.
:bulletred: LoL champs/items must be a big part in your submission, if they are barely visible or small, your work will be declined.

Please be patient with submissions, there may be a waiting period depending on when contributors are able to log in and vote.
Hi everyone!

Couple of things for this journal: there are some new changes to the group I'll be detailing, and we're putting out the call for another contributor.

What's a contributor, you ask? Contributors are essentially admins of the group, voting on artwork submissions, answering member questions and generally being cool people. You also get to have some input on changes to the group and judge contests, and you can submit your artwork to the group's "Contributor Work" folder, with no need for votes!

If you'd like to be a part of the team, please send :iconblizzmaster: a note answering the following:

>Who are you, and where are you from?
>What's the latest League related artwork you did?
>Why do you want to be a contributor?

A contributor will be chosen by the end of the month. Thank you in advance to anyone who applies!


Now for some changes to the group. (The following is intended to be a parody on the official League of Legends patch notes format.)

Patch 2016.2 notes
By Blizzmaster

Greetings, summoners.

Welcome to the mid-season patch for the LeagueOfLegends group on deviantArt, the one after the Summer Contest. This patch is a grab bag of changes designed to keep art submissions going smoothly, being inclusive of all League of Legends fan art, and touching up some areas that need a bit of modernization.

As always, we welcome your feedback about the state of the group. If you would like to see something changed, added, or removed, send any of the admins a note and we will discuss it.

Now lets get going on these patch notes!


There's so much Fan Art in this group now, it's kind of ridiculous. If you kept going into our group's gallery and clicking on the first Fan Art folder you saw, you'd be in a folder that's closed to submissions and has artwork of champions that don't even look the same anymore! While all of these pieces of artwork are important to keep around, this change helps enable viewers to find more recent, relevant artwork if they're browsing around in the group's gallery by showing it first, rather than have the most recent submissions folder be buried under several closed, dated folders.

We're also adding a new folder! Back when the group was founded, the goal was to collect artwork of the champions in the game and put it into a place for people to find it. As League of Legends has expanded, so too has the artistic community. We've occasionally seen submissions or questions from people concerning artwork of the maps, cities, and places around Runeterra, so we are officially adding a place for all this artwork: the Environments folder. Please check out the rules in that folder before submitting, and enjoy!

Fan Art Folders:

Why can't I hold all this Fan Art?: Reorganized the Fan Art folders. Old Fan Art folders are now called "Fan Art Archives", while the most current folder will be called "Fan Art Submissions". The Fan Art Submissions folder will appear first before any of the archives in the gallery.

Names: Fan Art 1, Fan Art 2... -> Fan Art Submissions, Fan Art Archives 1, Fan Art Archives 2, ...

:bulletgreen:NEW:bulletgreen: No champions? No problem: The Environments folder has been added to the group, and is available now for submissions!


SFW artwork that has links to mature content will no longer require the Mature Content filter enabled. Basically, this was a case of being unsure of how effective the Mature Content filter was at blocking content, but it does it's job just fine and doesn't need a supplementary rule from this group to help it. We're going to be concerned about ourselves as a group and not other websites and what they might contain.

This being said, artwork submissions that are "previews" or "censored" versions of mature content will still need the filter enabled for us to accept them. Simply cutting off certain sections of an artwork or putting censors on something isn't enough to stop it being inappropriate for certain audiences.

Just unnecessary: Removed the rule requiring a mature filter on artwork that links to mature content.

That'll be all for now! We'll see you in the submissions logs and on the rift!
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Custom Champions
External Contests
Pixel Artwork
Skin Ideas


Welcome to the League Of Legends group! Here our common interest is of course the game League of Legends. But we take it a bit further by making artwork for/of the game! So join in on the fun!

If you don't read the submissions rules, you may have some work that will be declined. Please read the rules before submitting. If you have any questions after going through the rules, or if your work has been declined and you want to know why, feel free to ask.
:iconpaashthesneasel::iconsaysplz:Drop by the LoL chatroom here on DA!…
:iconchibiolaf01:All members LoL information can be found here:…
:iconmalzahar02:Link to the LoL website:

********Community Spotlight********

:iconjaymiedornan: has been working on his voice acting talents and has put together a demo reel featuring the male champions of League of Legends (names beginning with A-M so far). Have a look at his video over here!

:iconhivih: has been hard at work the past year and 4 months creating his League of Legends comic: Ravenous League. It even includes some animated GIF pages and 2 video animations!

If you want to give it a read, you can check it out in his deviantART gallery or on tumblr.

:iconblizzmaster::iconsaysplz: Have a League of Legends Youtube channel, fansite, etc. you'd like people to see? Send us a note and next month we might feature it here!

RIOT staff on DA:

Thank you :icontekkanomaki-chan: for your kick-ass LoL icons!









Here are our affiliates feel free to check them out!


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Krystal89IT Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant
Hi guysss! I'm new on DA and in this group. I will do a lot of fanart from LOL so if you want to see something :… Wink/Razz :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
JamilSC11 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi guys!!!

last day to vote for me! (14 july 2016)
Hello! I am participating in a contest League of Legends Official ("Verano Pa Todos 2016"), and I need your support!
enter the link and give like this drawing!
thank you very much!!…

PochiAP Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello :D I made a pic of Jinx. Maybe it´s something for your group. :3…
Lunar-Kouhai Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there! I'm Jess, but most people know me as LunarKyun on League of Legends.
I look forward to socializing with you all ♥
Its-Raining-Clouds Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you forget 2 deviants by riot staff on DA

They made splash arts for riot games:…
crackerpattiez Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A lot of your folders are closed.…
Zeeria Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2016
If you mean Fan Art folders 1 to 7, that is because they reached the submission cap. Try submitting to Fan Art 8.
IndefinitePencils Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Is there a reason for rejecting my work? I'm quite sure it didn't violate any rules. I'll try again in case there was a mistake. If refused again, but without a proper reason, will seek answer. 
Zeeria Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2016
Generally people submit to the wrong folder or miss tiny details like mature filters and such. But your Lulu drawing should be accepted now since it's been submitted to the right folder. 
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