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Thanks for all the submissions everyone! :iconmerieth: will be taking over for February in what's sure to be a fun, romance filled monthly event. Stay tuned!
Hey everyone, your friendly neighbourhood Blizzmaster here with some exciting news. For 2013, we are going to be trying various new Monthly Events in hopes that we can find some new group favourites, as well as mix things up from the year that was.

So, for your very first monthly event of 2013, I give you:


How it works:iconmalzahar01:
This one is simple. You get two options:
a) take a League of Legends champion, and turn them into a Yordle.


b) take a Yordle, and turn them into... not a Yordle. Maybe a void beast, or a human, or whatever you want, but not a Yordle.

Some Simple Rules:iconamumuhugplz:
>This event is NOT a request/volunteer format event. Therefore, you don't get to/have to submit requests first. Just pick a champion, and YORDLIZE!
>When you're done, you can submit your idea to the Monthly Event folder and also link it in a comment to this journal. That way, I can feature your art on our front page journal in a list, and also in a "Previous Month" list on next month's event.
>Submissions for this event must be received by 11:59pm, January 31, 2013. Any submissions after that will not be accepted to the Monthly Event folder or featured on our Monthly Event journals.
>Anything you submit to this event must be NEW artwork. Art you've done in the past doesn't count.
>OCs are not permitted. This event is only concerned with existing League of Legends champions.
>You can submit up to 3 (three) different Yordlizations!
>Not sure how/where to start? Here's a couple pieces I did a ways back of Malzahar and Singed as fuzzy Yordles:

Finished Yordlizations:iconchibiwarwickplz:
Below is where your art will be featured should you decide to participate:

:iconsimone-13: - Yordle Gragas:
:iconelrad-o: - Yordle Jarvan:
:icongexianhen: - Yordle Draaaaaven:
:icontarkamacska: - Human Tristana:
:icontarkamacska: - Yordle Cassiopeia:
:iconhedjeroo: - Yordle Evelynn:
:icondragongirl46: - Yordle Ezreal:
:iconvinahri: - Yordle Gangplank:
:iconalyautumn: - Yordle Draaaaaven:
:iconluicei375: - Human Teemo:
:iconshinobiferret: - Yordle Darius:
:iconthejungleboy: - Yordle Kogmaw:
:iconayerya: - Human Ziggs/Veigar:
:iconaraneal: - Yordle Olaf:
:iconlessthanpi: - Yordle Sejuani:
:iconizumisensei: - Yordle Ahri:
:iconaphanopanop: - Yordle Ahri:
:iconpure-violence: - Yordle Tryndamere:

And Last But Not Least:iconchibimordeplz:
I would personally like to thank everyone who participated in the monthly events and contests in 2012. These events work because of awesome League of Legends fans like you coming here to deviantArt and getting involved. We've got lots of exciting things planned for 2013 in the form of Monthly Events and Contests, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible participating.

See you on the Fields of Justice!

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