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Surrogates, you have been given a person to draw for! Check below for your assignment. Please post here when you finish the gift so I can post it up.

If your icon comes before someone's, that means you are their surrogate Santa.

There are some back-up surrogate Santas just in case!

Thank you! ^_^

Thanks everybody, hope you all had a great new year!

Back-up Surrogate Santas

:iconelrewyn::iconartsed: FioraxTalon

:iconsnow-princess: :iconbeastqueen: Viktor and Jayce in a more friendly atmosphere than usual

:iconmanda-of-the-6: :iconamenekohime: 1) Lux and Ezreal sitting on a bench and watching the snow fall
2) Sona and Soraka decorating for a christmas party
3) Frostqueen Janna in any christmasy surrounding

:iconpsionikubi: :iconkickgirl52: 1. Blood moon Shen and blood moon Anivia
2. Lulu, Sona, and Taric supporting each other or in some type of pose.
3. Nunu (with some sort of skin) and Lion dance Kog Maw getting ready for battle

:iconryuuuna: :iconexistence111: 1. Pillow amumu (as fluffy as possible *-*)
2. Draven posing "like a sir"
3. Badass riven and irelia

:iconfroslassmaniac: :iconaraneal:…

:iconknightofwoe: :iconflacosamurai: 1:Zed against 4 ninja Rammus (ninja turtles reference)
2:[comic style] while reading a urban dictionary, Lux finds out
what it trully means to go commando among the demacian commandos.
(if you don't already know, it means to not wear underwear)
3:The Pentakill band chilln' in the back stage, signing autographs for a fan girl Lux or something

:iconxetlyr: :iconnfouque: 1. A yordle christmas chorale
2. Leblanc posing as Miss Santa
3. Warwick dreaming about a special winter dish involving teemo... as an ingredient.

:iconartsed: :iconmifumuffin: Lux decorating Maokai

:iconkeriik: (waiting for response...)

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