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October 3, 2013


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And I'm am your humbled host, aftertaster7!
UPDATE: It is UP! Welcome to the League of Legends Art Collab 2013 by aftertaster7 :dance:

~The group will let you submit your entry to the Monthly Event folder then move it to the Featured folder. That is optional, however.

I have always wanted to start one of these art collabs! But I never knew what the theme should be, Until now! :w00t: So Imma take this chance to thank the group's generous staff for giving me the opportunity! Again. :D
This is the League of Legends 2013 Art Collab! :dance: For those of you who don't know what an art collab is, I refer you to these amazing past examples:
Zelda Massive Item Collab by Felolira Avengers Jam by theCHAMBA Sugar Rush Racers Collab by Zimeta The Mario Kart Collab v.0.1 by Themrock <= fav BTW...
Basically, you get a ton of artists to each draw a character for a big group picture! We'll see if this can be just as successful as those.

-One champ per artist and one artist per champ. The goal is to get every champ drawn; but since I'll feel bad about people who are left with none of their faves, you can choose to do an alternate skin of them. (But only if there really is no champ left that you could rather draw. This will also limit popular champs from spamming the end result! So, sorry, to the third person who wants to draw Quinn!) All I'm saying is give Sion or Scarner a chance!
-Digital is heavily preferred, but as written on the sketch-up located below, if you absolutely must do full traditional, you better follow the guidelines... Or else...
-Keep it clean, in more ways than one. No crude imagery or watermarks.
-Please, please, please give it your all! Your half-baked entry will not be well received!
-And... you know, do it.
> Layout with guidelines are here:… <
Due date is November 11 (11-11) But if you are amazing, and finish your's BEFORE that date,  I can do a free sketch request for you. Why a sketch? Well, 100+ artists submitting on time, you do the math.,
Once done, you can also note me your submission, or email... (but you'll have to request that info)

The Backup Roster: This is for people who didn't get a chance to join or that I can count on to get an entry done last minute. If you aren't sure that you can handle the responsibility, then it's fair to say you shouldn't sign up.
So, this list is created in the off-chance that someone isn't done on-time! (instead of granting an extension, this is what I plan on imploring.) You don't get to choose who you draw if you sign up as a back-up, I will hand out the champs when I get word of their incompletion. So, take that into account!
- - - - -
aftertaster7, Dweynie, CaligoOlette, LooseWire, SkitzOpheliac, Redstar212, Vasinator, Meteorimpact, darkness423, ArtsyAica, cubehero, RuneJinx, Shadow-Hunter446, kitsune0978, dunames-valkyrie
- - - - -
Good luck; And have fun!

*Names in '[ ]' means they are doing an alt skin.

Champ List
Aatrox - kitsune0978 DONE!
Ahri - catsmeowomg DONE!
Akali - callima DONE!
Alistar - Stalx DONE!
Amumu - Vetrina-271 DONE!
Anivia - MapleDragon DONE!
Annie - AnimaMagica DONE!
Ashe - Juliana1121 DONE!
Blitzcrank - darkness423 DONE! [usarei] DONE!
Brand - NoodleArtist DONE!
Caitlyn - agent-ayu DONE!
Cassiopeia - MythoSorcery DONE!
Cho'Gath - CaligoOlette DONE!
Corki - Jesab DONE!
Darius - Katechi DONE!
Diana - thefoxhugger DONE! [kelpieselkie] DONE!
Dr. Mundo - Sturmir DONE!
Draven - SpigaRose DONE!
Elise - Puccawitch DONE!
Evelynn - HerOnceWhiteWings DONE!
Ezreal - DragonGirl46 DONE!
Fiddlesticks - SkitzOpheliac DONE!
Fiora - LooseWire DONE! [sasusaku-uchiha0718] DONE!
Fizz - Cherubas DONE!
Galio - FroslassManiac DONE!
Gangplank - Axl16 DONE!
Garen - SithLordDeneray DONE! [Dweynie] DONE!
Gragas - Redstar212 DONE! [Xetlyr] DONE!
Graves - Cino-Checker DONE!
Hecarim - aftertaster7 DONE!
Vasinator ~ dunames-valkyrie ~
Heimerdinger - aftertaster7 DONE!
Irelia - aftertaster7 DONE!
ArtsyAica ~ [Krmn-chan] DONE!
Janna - AndYnek DONE!
Jarvan IV - Czarina-Wolf DONE!
Jax - Ms-Silver DONE!
Jayce - Shadow-Hunter446 DONE! Lenexia DONE! [Dweynie] DONE!
Jinx - Splitin2kun DONE!
Karma - TekkanoMaki-chan DONE!
Karthus - Meiinckecosplay DONE!
Kassadin - xiaa DONE!
Katarina - faithom DONE!
Kayle - Pachycephalosaurus36 DONE!
Kennen - dunames-valkyrie DONE!
Kha'Zix - DragonicHeaven DONE!
Kog'Maw - CaiteSith DONE!
LeBlanc - Dweynie DONE! [strawberry-queen1] DONE!
Lee Sin - Ryuuuna DONE!
Leona - DogsAndRoses DONE!
Lissandra - Leicarna DONE!
Lucian - PailKnight DONE!
Lulu - paperNyanko DONE!
Lux - cubehero DONE! [Ernanda-Souza] DONE!
Malphite - ColonelPigmask DONE!
Malzahar - irahi DONE!
Maokai - StarShineFox DONE!
Master Yi - RayneLasira DONE!
Miss Fortune - aonodori DONE!
Mordekaiser - Kuromajinten DONE!
Morgana - Vasinator DONE!
Nami - YukiraHanou DONE!
Nasus - valery-wolfheart DONE!
Nautilus - existence111 DONE!
Nidalee - pastelxtentacles DONE! [Dweynie] DONE!
Nocturne - Prinimus DONE!
Nunu - amy-m DONE!
Olaf - Araneal DONE!
Orianna - aftertaster7 DONE! [Archtemplar] DONE!
Pantheon - Orangegrub DONE!
Poppy - Jensham DONE!
Quinn - VaissLogus DONE!
Rammus - aftertaster7 DONE!
Renekton - gaby14link DONE!
Rengar - MistahCatfish DONE!
Riven - Th3BoB DONE!
Rumble - damekage DONE!
Ryze - Blizzmaster DONE!
Sejuani - LooseWire DONE!
Shaco - SkitzOpheliac DONE! RagnarokTZ DONE!
Shen - Sadistic-Psychopath DONE!
Shyvana - Peterlee123 DONE!
Singed - kirikaito DONE!
Sion - danigal DONE!
Sivir - Terina-art DONE!
Skarner - ShaeUnderscore DONE!
Sona - majesticbananan DONE! [alsonata27] DONE!
Soraka - HatterMadness DONE!
Swain - SerahStark DONE!
Syndra - Glacebon DONE! [Shadow-Hunter446] DONE!
Talon - TheBlackAngel07 DONE!
Taric - Dweynie DONE!
Teemo - KunehoKun DONE!
Thresh - deyferrer DONE!
Tristana - DoskiLee DONE!
Trundle - Roew DONE!
Tryndamere - Ecourts DONE!
Twisted Fate - lightvanille DONE!
Twitch - Tikonka DONE!
Udyr - LadyDistort DONE!
Urgot - drbonescomics DONE!
Varus - Kavaro DONE!
Vayne - Fallen-Swallow DONE!
Veigar - Gengalery DONE!
Vi - envyra DONE!
Viktor - Skulpin DONE!
Vladimir - NavanaThePheonix DONE!
Volibear - OtakuWolfCub DONE!
Warwick - BriMercedes DONE!
Wukong - Inudono19 DONE!
Xerath - cubehero DONE!
Xin Zhao - Flea-biscuit DONE!
Yorick - RuneJinx DONE!
Zac - RuneJinx DONE!
Zed - Artsed DONE!
Ziggs - darkness423 DONE!
Zilean - crackersnham DONE!
Zyra - Raichiyo33 DONE!

Bonus Characters (not necessary for completion)
Urf - corinwebb
Baron Nashor - deathofbarney DONE!
Vilemaw - Leagueofmichel
Lizard Elder - Manda-of-the-6 DONE!
Blue Melee Minion -
Purple Melee Minion -  Guncem DONE!
Blue Caster Minion - kartyyy DONE!
Purple Caster Minion - echo5017
Blue Seige Minion - CloudSpaWN
Purple Seige Minion - CaligoOlette DONE!
Blue Super Minion - Chrnologia DONE!
Purple Super Minion - Suchalonedisskins DONE!
Poros (no limit) - sunnyrays ; Machus-san ; SkyBlitzer ; steamrider5 ; AlyAutumn ; DeathsAria ; guollugala ; fargokraft ; k2-kun ; edeline1812
These fellas are here for people who want to participate but can't choose there fav champ. But even they are limited to one artist; exept Poros.

To make this easier, how about you comment with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pick to streamline your options. :nod:
Oh, and I do formally apologize to all those of you who can't participate due to this being a medium-centric event. :aww:
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Hellenor Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why I don't read journals-  ___
Pocky-Strawberry-Ari Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nicely done you guys <3
Redstar212 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Student General Artist
aftertaster7 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank ya! :w00t:
Redstar212 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Glad to help!
MapleDragon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
I'm done I'm done I'm done!!! /cries…
damekage Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Sittin here looking more and more excited to see it as a whole image put together.
CaligoOlette Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Almost done with that back up Cho. Need to colour it first^^
Might finish it today but post it tomorrow (Friday) in case I find something to touch up :)
aftertaster7 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Good to know. :nod:
CaligoOlette Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist…

It looks nothing like it... Sorry... :iconcryforeverplz:
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