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Art Submission Rules

Joining the group is automatic! So no need to leave a comment because we might not even get to read it!

If you are wondering about folder rules, or which folder is the best fit for your artwork, READ UP ON OUR FOLDER RULES AND SUMMARY HERE.

Main Rules:

:bulletred: You must be a member of the group to be able to submit artwork.
:bulletred: Submit to the correct folder.
:bulletred: If your artwork is for an External Contest, Monthly Event, or Featured Event, it goes to that respective folder BEFORE any other folder.

:bulletred: NO WIPs allowed.
:bulletred: Anything you submit must be your original work.
:bulletred: Traced artwork from work that is not official Riot artwork will not be accepted!
:bulletred: Work must be LoL related. This group focuses mainly on the champions.
:bulletred: Mature content MUST be tagged as such, or it will be declined.
:bulletred: Artwork that explicitly depicts/implies sexual acts will not be accepted.

:bulletred: Please remove old drawings, that have been worked on from the group. Example: Line Art that you submitted before, but now have another drawing where it's colored in and finished.
:bulletred: All work (except for Original Champions) MUST contain or clearly represent an existing (announced) LoL champion. LoL related items are also acceptable, such as but not limited to, Poros, shop items, Urf, etc.
:bulletred: No screenshots will be accepted.
:bulletred: LoL champs/items must be a big part in your submission, if they are barely visible or small, your work will be declined.

Please be patient with submissions, there may be a waiting period depending on when contributors are able to log in and vote.

[ September's Art Feature ]

Star Guardian Janna by Sugariex9 Star Guardian Soraka, Here to Save the Day! by AriaSolarena Star Guardian Soraka  by enzoZkatsuragi Dark Star Orianna by CurlyDrake Run. by Wolfdog-ArtCorner
: Star Guardian Ahri by yue-3 [League of Legends] Kayn-The Shadow Reaper by Todd-Sweeney League of Legends - Kitty Cat Katarina by eollynheartilly Star Guardian Ezreal Fanart by lzumi-chan Jinx by Emeraldus
Xayah fanart by RikaMarika Pool Party Lulu by Nekhuro   Stealing the spotlight - Jinx by matheist Nami - League of Legends by Nahkahiiri Did you feed the dog? by Wolfdog-ArtCorner
Ahri by da-HIKI Star Gaurdians! by SpellboundLilly Ziggs Fanart: AfterBurn by welfindraws Classic Ahri Cosplay by Gil-Cosplay
Thank you to everyone who submitted their artworks to be featured! If you did not get chosen for
feature this month, we strongly encourage you to submit again when next month comes around.

Submissions for Septembers feature are now CLOSED! If you wish to get featured, please keep your eye out for next month's (October) journal. Thank you!

How do I join?
Comment below with links or thumbnails to the art you think should be featured!
This can include artworks, cosplay, literature, crafts and anything along those lines.
We accept entries of people of every skill level, so please don't be scared!

- Please make sure to follow our general group rules- No 18+ works, no WIPs, must
be League of Legends related and mature content must be tagged appropriately

- You may request a feature of your own work, but we also highly encourage others
to feature works made by your friends, favourite artists and other community members!
- You may post the thumbnails of as many artworks as you'd like, however, not all of them
may be chosen to get featured
- When submitting friends/artists that aren't yourself to be featured, they DO NOT have
to be a member of this group to get featured. Anyone can have their lovely LoL art
featured here as long as it's, well, League related!
- We won't feature the same piece twice
- Only premium dA members can post thumbnails. 'Regular' members are welcome to just
leave links, or a URL to the art piece and we will still check it. Membership does not influence
our feature choices, nor does skill level.
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Runeterra Carnival by taphro
Carnival in Runeterra by MNENAD
Carnival at the pier by SamoelDibujante
The Runeterra Carnival by Daimadoshi9
Fan Art Submissions
The Vastaya - Ahri, Xayah, Rakan (LoL) by Alex-Chow
Lee and Katarina sitting in a tree... by Lavenora
Sona by kitty-cat1
Counting Lambs by Tagpower
Official RIOT Work
Star Guardian Miss Fortune and Soraka by YBourykina
Pulsefire Caitlyn by YBourykina
NEXUS for League of legend Zedd: Ignite by Jukeboix
BG2 for League of legend Zedd: Ignite by Jukeboix
Monthly Event
[SS] Happy Holidays! by Sugar-Rei
(Secret Santa) An Christmas Evening by IvxTheChicken
[SS] Silent Night Sona by Sugar-Rei
[SS] Ghost Bride Morgana by Luhuala
Contributors Work
(dark?) Star Guardian Syndra! by Hilent
Star Guardian Soraka by lumiwyn
Pink Sweat by Hilent
It Doesn't Even Matter by Hilent
3D Artwork
Jhin Blood Moon MMD Model DL by KadajoGameOver
MMD DL||Star Guardian Heels Set|| 500 Points by Polygon-P
MMD PolyGirl||Endless Starlight||League of legends by Polygon-P
Choice of element: Dark by Danicore
Aurelion Sol - League of Legends by Nahkahiiri
[F2U] Star Guardian Miss Fortune Icon by MlLK-TEA
Animated DinoGnar GIF (League of Legends) by Shanixia
Arcade Ahri Animation by justiniskawaii
Colored Line Art and Collaborations
League of Gandalf Final by The1DK
Elementalist Lux (commission with xxvanilla03xx) by Chrotaku
.:Collab:. - Two Jungler by EisfederKatzenpfote
Vi Fanart - collaboration by Krystal89IT
Strahoten by Arshehremen
Wintering by Arshehremen
Onslaught Comic - Fly high by lcomicer
True Eye of the Evil King by lcomicer
You cannot cage me, summoner. by szarancza-a
Bloodmoon Diana - League of Legends by Kinpatsu-Cosplay
You can do it. by AetheyaCosplay
Shining Bright by LuckyTiger-cosplay
Jinx Doll Plush by DemodexPlush
A scribble of random league of legend art by Qandi
Custom Champions
Scutty champ portrait final by cheasedragon
Hans Zebrys, Ferryman of the Slaughter Docks by AdrianRegaladoArt
External Contests
Star Guardian Ahri by rimucchi
Fashion Sense by prostomixtape
Pixel Artwork
Riven pixel by WeiLoL
Pro Player Artwork
1 Year by iownfish
Skin Ideas
Star Guardian - Twisted Fate by Diabolicae
Fan Art Archives 9
League of Legends, Poppy, Lulu and Tristana by SplashBrush
Fan Art Archives 8
Miss Fortune by thanabe
Fan Art Archives 7
The Starchild by RazeSilverlake
Fan Art Archives 6
Zac Attac by Shenaniganza
Fan Art Archives 5
Soraka - The Starchild by EnigmaPhenomenon
Fan Art Archives 4
Jinxu by ohhLenai
Fan Art Archives 3
Champions of the League by NIELSPETERDEJONG
Fan Art Archives 2
League of Legends fun - Zac by sharrm
Fan Art Archives
LoL Skin Idea - Aquamarine Akali Revamped by FunnyWarfare


Welcome to the League Of Legends group! Here our common interest is of course the game League of Legends. But we take it a bit further by making artwork for/of the game! So join in on the fun!

If you don't read the submissions rules, you may have some work that will be declined. Please read the rules before submitting. If you have any questions after going through the rules, or if your work has been declined and you want to know why, feel free to ask.
:iconpaashthesneasel::iconsaysplz:Drop by the LoL chatroom here on DA!…
:iconchibiolaf01:All members LoL information can be found here:…
:iconmalzahar02:Link to the LoL website:

********Community Spotlight********

:iconblizzmaster::iconsaysplz: Have a League of Legends Youtube channel, fansite, etc. you'd like people to see? Send us a note and we can feature it here!

RIOT staff on DA:

Thank you :icontekkanomaki-chan: for your kick-ass LoL icons!









Here are our affiliates feel free to check them out!


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JornNightmane Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
*pops up* (>OwO<)

So much fanart in here that I like them ^w^
lumiwyn Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'm glad you think so~ Everyone makes great league art!
JornNightmane Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Got one artwork that MAY get a chuckle and wanna share it
Aurelion Sol with Sunglasses

Cheers! ^w^
xXTakeruHikariXx Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…
Come vote!  Which of the following Star Guardian skins would you like me to draw next! Her are of few of my works below:
League of Legends-Ahri(Commission) by xXTakeruHikariXx      League of Legends-Ashe(Inked!) by xXTakeruHikariXx
PopstAhri Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
What folder should I put a skin concept in? It's traditional art (I don't have all that fancy digital stuff :^) )
Sugar-Rei Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017
Skin concepts can go into the 'Skin Ideas' folder. If you ever need help, please feel free to look over our Folder Rules :D
PopstAhri Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
Swimbananas Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017
Thanks for accepting me to the group. I'm excited to lurk on all the art. :D 
Blizzmaster Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh hi there! Thanks for joining up, we're excited to have you around!
geararaguari Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2017
Not sure if my wallpaper fits in any gallery.  Pentakill 2 Wallpaper - League of Legends by geararaguari  
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